Track 31: Come Thru

Track31buttonThe suburbs of Atlanta were just waking up and showing signs of life as the powerful engine of the Bentley coupe quietly purred. Early in the morning, just after leaving the studio, before heading to his large house full of family and friends he was living with, was the only time he had to himself anymore. Mack drove down the roads he knew by heart, the ones permanently etched in his memory. When he lived at his aunt’s house he knew he could make the journey from there to this spot in less than 15 minutes. He’d cut through neighbor’s lawns, down the street, across the elementary school playground all to wind up at this apartment complex.
      Alisha would come down and let him in the rusty white metal door down to her basement apartment that she shared with three other girls. Her room was only half of one, separated from her neighbor by only a series of miss-matched shower curtains. There wasn’t much space, only enough for a mattress on the floor and a small dresser, yet it somehow felt like their own private hideaway.
      As he sat parked on the side of the street, he thought back to the first time he played his song for her. It was the moment that changed everything, and it happened in this very spot, albeit in a much less impressive car. That song launched his career sending him from a virtually unknown artist into the superstar stratosphere of musicians. He could remember the nerves that pulsed through his body, how she jokingly told him it was “just okay,” the joy in her face when she told him she loved it. That moment meant everything to him.
      Alisha didn’t live there anymore. It was just a large building full of people he didn’t know. He couldn’t help but daydream about her running out the door and hopping into the car beside him. It was a foolish thought seeing how she hadn’t contacted him since they went to dinner together. It had been months. In that time he had moved back to the city permanently. He bought a house large enough to move his sister and aunt into and was trying to slow his lifestyle down. He hadn’t even been to a strip club since his split with Amber. If Alisha was ever going to come back to him, Mack wanted to be sure she knew he was ready for her this time. He was ready to have it all.
      Another memory crossed his mind. He couldn’t help but smile. He remembered buying her a ring with the album advance from the song. There were so many times he had it tucked away in his pocket, but the right moment never presented it. For a moment, he found hope in that she had never found the right time to marry Sean either. They had called off their engagement more than a month ago.
      Mack caught himself wondering what would have happened if all those years ago if he had just done it and committed him to her. No groupies, no affairs with pop stars, no strippers, just her. What would have turned out different? Would I have still been as successful? Would we still be together? There was no use in such thinking, Mack knew, but he couldn’t help it.
      Before he drove off, he took one last look at the apartment where he used to spend so much time. Some things he knew he would never forget.

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