Track 33: Find Your Love

Track33button“Alisha, delivery for you,” Michelle called over the intercom.
      When she rounded the corner from her office to the lobby, she spotted a deliveryman carrying a large bouquet of flowers. They were brilliantly colored with saturated pinks, speckled reds, and flashes of deep orange.
      “Wow, so gorgeous. You can put them over there on that front table that would be great.” She directed the man.
      The arrangement was too large and cumbersome for her to want to move it herself.
      “Do I need to sign?” she asked.
      “No ma’am. Not until I bring in the full order,” he answered.
      “Full order? This isn’t it?”
      “Nope, have a whole truck full. Been instructed to take them wherever you want them.”
      Alisha sat puzzled for a moment. Flower deliveries were the norm around here. Their boutique was one of the premier wedding planners in the city and companies often sent samples of their products here in hopes to get on their coveted referral list. No one ever sent more than one thing at a time. It was simply too costly. She grabbed the small envelope and pulled out a card.
      “For the pink butterfly necklace you used to wear,” was all it read.
      Alisha absentmindedly touched her throat. She remembered the exact piece of jewelry although she had long since lost it. Her grandmother had given it to her for her twelfth birthday. It was a simple gold chain with a butterfly pendant. It had a yellow stone for the body and four pink stones that made up the wings. She wore it every day until that summer she lost it at the pool.
      A second bouquet came through the door. They were deep purple with heavier, darker greenery. She quickly grabbed the card and tore it open.
      “For the grape lipstick you always had on.” The flowers kept pouring in through the door, each with a card.
      “For the floral couch you first kissed me on.”
      “For the color of your cheeks the first time I sang to you.”
      “For the wine coolers we had before we first said ‘I love you.’”
      “For the sunset in Vegas when you came out to see me.”
      “For every morning I missed waking up with you.”
      “For all of my love.”
      “For all of my heart.”
      By the time she read the last card, Alisha was so overwhelmed that the tears had started falling. She didn’t bother brushing them from her chin as they fell to the floor. She just ignored them and reread the cards again and again. None of them were signed with a name, but they didn’t have to be. They were signed with their past.
      For a moment, she froze in place. Everyone had come out of their offices to see what the commotion was about. Questions were flying around. Alisha couldn’t hear a word of them. She searched her brain for what to do next. A song caught her attention, just outside the shop. Some car must have been playing it. She could hardly make it out, but she knew without a doubt what it was. It was his first single. Instantly, she knew what to do.
      She rushed out of the boutique, dropping the small pieces of paper on the ground behind her. Mack was waiting out front, sitting on the hood of his Bentley coupe, the song blasting through his speakers. He held one last bouquet, daisies, her all-time favorite flower. He handed them to her without a word. She read the last card and clutched it to her chest.
      “For all of me,” it read.
      “Alisha, I have something to tell you. I didn’t come back here to be closer to the record label. I didn’t buy that house so everyone could live in it. I came back for you. I bought it to be near you. I’ve spent too many years making the wrong decisions, hoping for things to change and the right moment to come along. But I’m done waiting, I’m willing to take this chance and give it everything I have. This is it. I’m in it if you are.”
      Mack looked her in the eye and spoke with conviction. This is what he wanted, what he always wanted.
      “I really hate it when you make me cry,” she finally said with a laugh before making her way into his arms.
      As he held her close to his chest, he risked asking, “Does that mean…?”
      “I’m in,” she added before he could finish.

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