orderofearth2For Onyx Bay, what started as a cathartic ink session takes an unexpected turn when a specialized blood test at the tattoo parlor reveals her true identity, which threatens to turn her entire world upside down.

When Onyx learns that she is the descendant of a fantastical race of creatures who control the global elements, she discovers that her own blood makes her a valuable prize for competing forces, known as the Orders. As the truth about her bloodline spreads, she finds herself at the center of a supernatural bounty hunt pursued by both human and creature members of the Orders willing to do anything to claim her as their own. The hunt intensifies when a prophet foresees she will tip the balance of power and upset the peace among the Orders. As she attempts to evade capture and survive, Onyx is forced to choose between her humanistic past and a supernatural destiny in order to take control of her own future.

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orderoffireIn her dreams they come. The harbingers of her death: a Judas, a wolf, and a lamb. They find her. They hunt her. They kill her.

For months, Onyx Bay has woken with the distinct awareness that she is one day closer to meeting her own grim destiny at the hands of Madam May’s prophecy personified. Yet each day, she carries on as if life is nothing but normal. Well, as “normal” as being part of a supernatural, element controlling, living tattoo wearing Order can be. She has quickly become a model employee at a local art gallery. She attends weekly training sessions with her Protector, Talos, as well as family dinners with the rest of the Order. Even her best friend, Angel, has welcomed Onyx and the Gemmies into her home. Life has calmed and finally advances at a happy, steady pace.

But prophecies are a tricky thing. They don’t go away because life has become comfortable. The months of peaceful normalcy are coming to an end. There is a wolf on the prowl and it’s coming for Onyx. And there isn’t a tattoo in existence that can save her from its fiery jowls.



Talos is the Protector of his family. It is his sworn responsibility to ensure each member’s safety and aid them in fulfilling their duty as Keepers for the Order. But even Talos wasn’t always a part of the supernatural organization. When a family secret is revealed, his journey towards the girl who will change his life forever begins.

Journey to the Order sheds a light on the pasts of Talos, Jade, Anya, Steele, and Zack to reveal more about the Keepers and the inner working of the Orders than ever before. Each of the five stories focuses on a member of the family and their unique journey leading to the life changing decision to accept their destiny and join the Order of Earth.

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Gabriel's Calling

Excited to announce one of my short stories has been featured in Nebula Rift, a science fiction literary magazine. Check it out!

Nebula Rift Vol 02 No 06

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